InvestUSA event in Bowling Green Kentucky
Presenting bulletproof vests to officers Read More.
Intro In-Vest USA - YouTube
Let us introduce you to In-Vest USA, a non-profit organization that wants to protect those who protect us. While a few of our officers have bulletproof vests, very few have tactical vests designed to stop a rifle bullet in an active shooter situation. This year, we have seen a 16% rise in officer deaths. We need almost 1,000,000 active shooter vests to give out to our police officers across American. And we need even more to provide to the countless men and women serving as first responders, like firefighters, EMS and more. There is no amount too small that will make a difference. Our Donors are our Heroes! They are protecting those who protect us. Thank You and We Love You! 💖 Read More.
Tank Run Day at the Tank Museum
Big boys like Michael love Massive Toys. The air was thick with the smell of burning fuel. Tanks raced around the indoor track. Loved feeling the power of these massive tanks shaking the concrete under our feet.​​​​​​​ Read More.
BAM - Self propelled Howitzer up close and personal
We had the great pleasure of feeling the ground shake as the Vietnam and Korea era Howitzer rolled by. Tank run day is the BEST! Read More.
Cave City KY - InVestUSA
InVest-USA Presented Active Shooter Vests to all the officers on the Cave City Police Force. With grassroots funding, we have presented over 6,000 vests to date. Cave City, KY is just minutes from Mammoth Cave National Park, which is the world's longest known cave system, with more than 400 miles (643 km) explored. InVest-USA has a museum at Treasure Trove Park, which in also in the Cave City Area. We partner with donors across this nation to provide active shooter vests to any first responder in need (law enforcement, firefighters and EMS). Thank you for your support of America's everyday heroes, our first responder community. Read More.
InVest-USA presents tactical shooter vests along the USA Mexico Border
Due to the civil unrest along the border with Mexico, InVestUSA has been traveling to Texas to supply law enforcement with tactical shooter vests all along the border. These communities include Van Horn, Sierra Blanca and Midlands, Texas, to name a few. Thank you for supporting InVestUSA and providing these officers with the equipment they need to return home to their family. Read More.
Police Officer Attacks Have Increased Dramatically Over the Past Year – So Why Are They Being Treated Like “Scum”?
The law enforcement veteran and InVest USA founder discusses a new report where officers are literally under attack – and nothing is being done about it. Read More.

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