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Top Businesses That Offer the Best Discounts & Deals
for First Responders

First Responders are always seen responding in crucial times. But to appreciate their efforts and ease their cost of living, top businesses offer special discounts and offers for first responders.

Our detailed worldwide and USA survey has made us list those businesses that offer discounts for first responders—the listed discounts and deals are categorized according to worldwide, USA, and State-specific brands. Firefighters, Law enforcers, State Troopers, Disaster response personnel, EMTs, paramedics, and rescue team members get offered these discounts and promotional opportunities.

These brands and businesses have allowed access to these discounts through their website also. So you can click on the source and check your suitable discount offer.

Ultimate List of Worldwide Businesses that Give Discounts to First Responder

Abt Electronics: Get 50% off for your purchase of 500$ and above. Check out more discount offers at Abt electronics for first responders. (Source)

Adidas: 30% discount for first responders who sign in and verify their ID. (Source)

Aero Precision: Aero precision is offering a 10% discount. You need to create an account, request a ticket at Helpdesk and give a copy of proof of your employment. (Source)

ALG Defense: 10% discount for Law Enforcement personnel. Create an account and get your 10% discount. (Source)

Armed Forces Eyewear: Law enforcers, firefighters and paramedics can get 5% off eyewear orders. Create your EFEyewear account and enjoy the latest discount deals. (Source)

Apple Store: The Apple store has got special discounts for first responders on their selected products. Active first responders can get their Apple products for personal use at exceptional prices. (Source)

Calvin Klein: Discount of 20% on all purchases for frontline responders from Calvin Klein.  (Source)

Helm Audio: HELM True wireless 5 headphones can be availed at 50% off. Sign in and verify your ID and enjoy this half-price discount. (Source)

Lenovo: First Responders can get 5% off on Lenovo products. Any version of Laptops and desktop PCs goes with the same discount offer. (Source)

Levi’s: Get 25% off on all Levi’s apparel for first responders and nursing staff. (Source)

Nike: First responders who purchase from Nike can get 20% off on their merchandise. First responders need to sign in and provide proof of their employment to avail of this discount. (Source)

Puma: First responders can get 20% off on their order at PUMA. (Source)

Reebok: Reebok has introduced a “Heroes Discount” special discount offer for responders. 30% off on every purchase from Reebok. (Source)

Samsung: Samsung offers up to 30% off Frontline Discount Program. The discount applies to almost all gadgets of Samsung like Smartphone’s, earbuds, smart watches and home appliances. (Source)

39 Dollar Glasses: Those frontline responders who purchase 39 Dollar Glasses can get 20% off on eyewear orders. (Source)

Worldwide Home and Well Being Discounts for First Responders

Apex Legal Services: EMTs, Firefighters, and Paramedics can get special discounts on APEX legal services. Call or send an email to know about discount offers. (Source)

Bassett Furniture: 30% off on furniture offers and 10%off on home accessories for First responders. Sign in with an authentic ID to avail of these discounts. (Source)

Channeling Stocks: Use code mil50% for 50% discount for monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions. First responders can also get two extra life memberships one they make a purchase one at $699 (Source)

Purple: First Responders can get a 10% off on selected Purple mattresses. Sign in with a valid ID to confirm your eligibility. (Source)

24 Hour Fitness: 24 Hour Fitness provides a free 3-Day gym pass to first responders with a valid ID card. First responders can also avail free initial free offers. (Source)

Discount Offers for First Responders in the USA

Many first responders look for discounts and coupon codes within USA states. Wherever a first responder is located in the USA, there are still many discounts and promotional deals. Keep in mind they may still ask for a valid ID.

After a thorough survey of the latest deals offered by top brands in the USA, we listed down brands. Check these out.

Baltimore Orioles: 20% off available for online ticket purchase only. (Source)

Brooklyn Bedding: Get beddings, mattresses, and more help accessories at 25% for all medical professionals. (Source) Need extra help with your home chores? Enjoy one month of free access to the premium website. (Source)

Clarks: Clark is offering a special discount for military and first responders. (Source)

Dagne Dover: All first responders can now get a new bag from Dane Dover at 20% off. (Source)

Dell: DELL offers exclusive discount deals through its membership purchase program. First Responders can get an additional 5% off, including all sale items. (Source) Get 10% off at; use your verified ID to avail of this discount. (Source)

Hertz Car Rental: An exclusive discount of up to 25% off on car rental. Use a discount code to get this offer. (Source)

Home Chef: Home Chef is one of the most reliable and popular meal delivery services. Home Chef is offering a discount of 50% for first purchases for first responders. (Source)

Outdoor Voices: Outdoor Voices is offering a 30% discount, including some reusable masks. This discount can also be used for Outdoor Voices’ workout gear, hiking gear, and accessories. (Source)

SONOS: 15% discount for single-use on products and accessories of Sonos. (Source)

Ticket Club: First Responders and military members can get a FREE membership at Ticket Club. Members of the Ticket Club can get tickets for upcoming events at a 10-20% discount. (Source)

Trust & Will: All healthcare first responders who work in public health can get 25% off on Estate Plan. They and their spouses can avail this discount. (Source)

Yeti: Special discounts for first responders on qualifying products from outdoor retailers of Yeti. Verify your ID and get your deals. (Source)

Discount for First Responders by Businesses in USA States


AT&T: AT&T is showing appreciation to first responders by giving best discounts on unlimited plans, starting just from $27/month per line. (Source)


Mountain High Outfitters: Mountain high Outfitters in their Birmingham outlets offer a discount. Now you can give a pair of shoes to healthcare workers or first responders in Birmingham. Use code to buy one. (Source)


AAA: AAA steps forward to protect health care workers and first responders on the way. AAA is offering free roadside assistance and emergency roadside services. (Source)


Jones Buick GMC: Jones Buick GMC is giving out the best discounts offered by any automaker. Discounts are available for paid or volunteer first responders. (Source)


LTD Hospitality: First responders can enjoy exclusive discount rates at LTD hospitality starting at $55 whole staying at any of their hotels. (Source)

Though several unmentioned brands offer many discounts and promotional deals, some grassroots organizations are working for the rights of law enforcement officers.

InVest USA by Michael Letts

Michael Letts is a law enforcement professional and working for Law Enforcement officers’ rights and well being.

He founded In-Vest USA, which is a nonprofit organization in Columbia, SC. In-Vest USA is providing bulletproof vests to law enforcement officers to get back to their homes safe and sound.

The indecent incidents require law enforcement officers to protect them against ballistic attacks. That’s why Michael Letts took this initiative to save the lives of those who protect us

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