Democrat Taqiyya

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  • 05/24/2024
How’s your Arabic?
If President Biden, the Squad, and their Democrat buddies on Capitol Hill have their way, you’ll be learning a lot more Arabic, real soon.
So, as our early Christmas gift, here’s a newly coined phrase for you: 
“Democrat Taqiyya.”
It’s made up of two words…Democrat…and Taqiyya…the Arabic definition of strategic deception (or lying) to defeat an enemy. In essence, Democrat Taqiyya means a liar who uses lies to advance a liberal political agenda, including socialism, communism, and a push for a despotic world government. They also use it to steal elections, smear opponents, and deny their own guilt.
Barack Obama used Democrat Taqiyya to claim there was no way a national presidential election could be stolen.
Hillary Clinton used Democrat Taqiyya to blame her defeat on Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.
Joe Biden used Democrat Taqiyya to deceive America, denying any personal involvement with his son, Hunter Biden’s business dealings, during the 2020 Presidential debate with Donald Trump.
By the way, practitioners of Democrat Taqiyya, or DT for short, are “scared shirtless” of DT, aka Donald Trump…. since they know he exposes their DT lies, and exposure is one thing that defeats Democrat Taqiyya.
So, Democrat Taqiyya…the liars’ deception…is a prescription for failure, as we are about to discover here in America. Like alcoholics clinging to empty bottles, while they experience alcohol DT’s, Democrats have nowhere left to turn to but their lies…their taqiyya.
Of course, their talking head media apologists will taqiyya head off, trying to convince you that our southern border is secure, Bidenomics is working, and high gas prices are all Trump’s fault.
Don’t be fooled by Democrat Taqiyya. Expose it wherever it rears its lying head.

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