US Army Enlistment Blues

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  • 05/24/2024
No matter where you turn these days, you’ll find “help wanted” signs. That goes for your local Army recruiting station, as well. So, how hard is it to find and keep good soldiers, today? 
Gone are the Army’s “woke,” “progressive” recruitment ads which fell so flat at the start of the Biden administration. After the Army missed recent enlistment goals by 15-thousand soldiers, it was forced to rely on inductions from its Delayed Entry Program to make up the difference, according to a report in the Blaze Media. 
With high-school candidates getting harder to find, our all-volunteer Army now seeks to fill quotas using older soldiers with college backgrounds. The Army’s new goal? Fill up to one third of its ranks with such ground pounders by 2028. 
As for the physical condition of those already mustered in, let’s just say standards have loosened up a bit. Over 68 percent of our active duty fighting force is now listed by the Defense Department as either obese or overweight. The obese category alone more than doubled during the 10-year period ending in 2022. But when you need people to fill positions, you can become more…accommodating.
As bad as that is, two other scandals bubbling just under the surface are also keeping both troop levels and morale low. 
During the height of the COVID epidemic, the Biden administration required all armed service members to receive experimental jabs, but eight thousand troops said no. They were unceremoniously relieved of their duty. Only now are they being offered an opportunity to have their discharge records cleared and be restored to their active-duty or reserve status. However, since the inception of that restoration process, only 43 service members have re-upped. 
Worse still for the armed forces, a class-action lawsuit over those mandatory COVID shots is being filed against the government seeking billions of dollars in back pay and benefits for those forcibly separated from the service. The lawsuit includes both active duty and reservist members and could include up to 100-thousand plaintiffs. 
Just as an aside, imagine how many thousands more of laid-off or discharged policemen, firefighters, EMT workers and other public servants may also be in line for massive, court-ordered paydays in the future. And how many would want to return to those jobs knowing how they, too, were mistreated by their government bosses. 
Once you hear THIS story, though, you’ll wonder why anyone would want to enlist in Joe Biden’s army. The same bureaucratic nimrods who orchestrated the United States’ haphazard exit from Afghanistan, ordering our soldiers to leave behind their equipment as parting gifts for the Taliban…yes, THAT group… is now charging those soldiers up to one thousand dollars each, after they failed to return all their gear when they left the service. Now, remember the reason WHY those soldiers no longer possessed that equipment! Following direct orders, the G.I.’s had to leave it all behind; told to do so by those who now want others to pay thousands for their billion-dollar mistakes.
Utterly shameful.

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