Restoring Justice

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  • 05/24/2024
All of us know it but only some of us are willing to admit it.

There are two scales of justice being used in the USA. If you are rich, politically connected, and willing to play ball with the ruling Uni-Party, you can literally get away with murder. However, if you actually still believe in the US Constitution, the Word of God, and the American flag, different rules apply. You will be denied your right to a speedy trial. You will be incarcerated for months at a time, put into solitary confinement, and forced to deny your political and religious convictions at the drop of a MAGA hat. Your adversaries will even use the so-called justice system to attempt to deny you the right to vote for the candidate of your choice.

Countless stories that expose this shameful double-standard come across our desk, each week. It’s our job to pick the most outrageous examples…and shine the light of day on them. Nothing disinfects like the light. When you bookmark Restoring Justice dot U.S., you’ll discover the shameful treatment being experienced, daily, by our police, firemen, and first responders. You’ll become privy to the degrading of the U.S. military chain of command. You’ll discover the treasonous actions of our current government in leaving our southern border open to invasion by tens of thousands of military-aged men, including many known to be on terrorist watch lists. You’ll follow the sweetheart deals for millions of dollars that played right into the hands of our global adversaries. 

We reveal the planned decline of our inner cities, the war on fossil fuels, the stripping of our armories and treasury in sending untold billions of dollars in precious, American assets to entities that cannot even qualify as democracies. 

We show how millions of dollars in campaign donations elect district attorneys who refuse to do their jobs and prosecute criminals, persecuting law enforcement officials, instead.

You’ll follow the moral decline of America, including the promotion of idolatry and devil worship, the rise of uncontrolled sexual deviancy in the hallways of power, and the extreme lengths used by some now in power to cement their stolen election victories, both Democrats and RINO’s. 

We also make the airtight connections between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact and remind you that it’s not paranoia if they really ARE out to get you.

If you’ve peeked behind Dorothy’s curtain, only to discover that the befuddled Wizard of Emerald City strongly resembles a certain, unnamed US President, Restoring Justice dot U.S. is the place for you. We encourage you to bookmark our site and share it with friends and loved ones. We’re all in this together, and we won’t stop until we accomplish our mission…Restoring Justice to the USA.

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