National Law Enforcement Month
“We serve and protect.”That’s the slogan displayed on the sides of police cruisers across America. But it’s so much more than a slogan. For the dedicated off... Read More.
Biden Brings Home the War
This sounds like 2001 Kabul…or 2007 Baghdad…NOT 2023 America. Yet, here we are, warning our Border Patrol agents to be watchful for roadside bombs (or IED’s) found right across from Joe Biden’s invisible fence in Arizona.  Read More.
Democrat Taqiyya
How’s your Arabic?   If President Biden, the Squad, and their Democrat buddies on Capitol Hill have their way, you’ll be learning a lot more Arabic, real soon. Read More.
Restoring Justice
All of us know it but only some of us are willing to admit it.There are two scales of justice being used in the USA. If you are rich, politically connected, ... Read More.
Blacks for Trump
Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Question…“How do you eat a donkey?” Answer…”One bite at a time.” Read More.
A Tale of Two Indignities: Capitol Injustice
A Tale of Two Indignities: Capitol Injustice Unequal Justice abounds in the Bidenation Era as no penalty is given to a man engaging in gay sex in the Capitol building vs. in the same building a man who was swept in by the crowd on January 6 gets several years in jail. Read More.
94 Year Old Vet Gets the Boot
A 94-year-old veteran is one of 53 New York City nursing home residents who were evicted and replaced by illegal aliens. According to The Blaze, Frank Tammaro had lived for five years at the Island Shores Senior Residency, owned by a non-profit organization, Homes for the Homeless. One day, Frank and the other residents were told the facility was going up for sale with the “preferred buyer” being another “senior operator.”  Read More.
Credit Where Credit is Due
We’re big believers in giving credit where credit is due. So, today, we tip our collective police hats to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency for arresting a 37-year-old Brazilian fugitive from justice in Martha’s Vineyard, of all places.  Read More.
God Still Answers Prayer
Some folks picture God as a Cosmic Clockmaker. And we are His clocks. He winds us up and walks away. When the life spring unwinds, time expires and our clock…stops. Read More.
US Army Enlistment Blues
No matter where you turn these days, you’ll find “help wanted” signs. That goes for your local Army recruiting station, as well. So, how hard is it to find and keep good soldiers, today?  Read More.
Supreme Court…Get Ready
We predict the battleground for the war between the sexes may ultimately shift to the Supreme Court over this transgender case.   After Mid-Vermont Christian School took a loss versus Long Trail High School rather than permit its female team to compete against a transgender male opponent, the Vermont Principals’ Association banned the parochial school from participating in any future tournaments. But the ruling extended far beyond the basketball court.  Read More.
You Can’t Make This Up
You can’t make this stuff up. Nearly two years ago in a bold show of Western unity, the European Union and the United States slapped an oil import ban on those evil Russians in response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Joe Biden signed an executive order prohibiting “the import into the United States of Russian-origin crude oil, petroleum, petroleum fuels, oils and products of their distillation.” We were going to hit them where it hurts…right in the pocketbook! Read More.
Secret Santas are Sleighing It
What does Santa Claus really look like? High-level sources tell us that Santa Claus has had a makeover, this year. He ditched the roly-poly red suit. The belly doesn’t quiver like a bowl full of jelly. That beard now litters the barber shop floor. And Rudolph has been put out to pasture. Read More.
Real Hunters Wear Pink
I make it a point never to mock a male hunter for wearing pink, particularly if he is locked and loaded. That we should even be holding this discussion is rather ludicrous. We all know there are other more pressing topics demanding our legislators’ attention.  But whether states should allow hunters to trade in their blaze orange hats, jackets and vests, or simply access neon pink apparel from their wives’ walk-in closets apparently IS a thing. In fact, it is already the law of the land in 14 states. Read More.
Not Popular but Necessary
Racial lynch mobs have never been something Americans like to talk about. And for good reason. The mention of Simon Legree, carpetbaggers, men in bedsheets, or late-night necktie parties only fosters feelings of guilt and shame or hatred and revenge, depending on the make-up of one’s audience.  Read More.

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