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COVID mandates causing first responder shortages

COVID mandates causing first
responder shortages

Los Angeles City and County residents need help.  Crime rates are rising.  Response times for fire calls are lengthening.  Response times for ambulance calls are also.  The people of the city and county are having their lives placed at risk, in large part, because of the politicians they elected to help them.

In this crisis, the city and county need first responders: men and women willing to place their lives at risk to help their fellow citizens.

In Los Angeles County, the Board of Supervisors recently authorized the county administrator to fire 4,000 L.A. County sheriff’s deputies for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19.  If that happens, it will cut the sheriff’s department by about 22 percent.

How does that make sense?

“This is nothing but a power grab by the board.  And it’s shameful, and it’s going to be harmful to public safety,” said Los Angeles County sheriff Alex Villanueva.



How does that make sense?


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