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LETTS: If Democrat Mayors Want To Keep Power, They’ll Have To Do Something They’ve Never Done

In the wake of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot coming in an embarrassing third place in her re-election bid, it looks like another Democrat mayor may lose her office because she is endangering her constituents.

George Gascon Ignores Criminal and Punishes Prosecutor

In the world of woke politics and justice, misgendering is a worse crime than child molestation and murder. It shouldn’t be surprising that the most recent example of this can be found in California.

Seattle’s Settlement of “Autonomous Zone” Protests Shows Just How Out of Touch Its Local Government Is With Citizens and Police

Things have not been good for Seattle over the past couple of years. We’ve seen the city reach an all-time high in criminal activity,

Memphis Doesn't Need More Police. It Needs Better Police!

Memphis is becoming a war zone as the police find themselves more cautious about how any actions they take might be perceived.First, there was the death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of five now-former Memphis Police officers in January.

Free the Innocent and end the Jan. 6 Lie!

Tucker Carlson played some of the video footage viewed by the House of Representatives’ January 6 Committee. Not surprisingly, it showed the opposite of what the Democrats have been saying about the events of January 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C.

The Real Reason Campuses are Unsafe

An 18-year-old allegedly murdered a Temple University police officer this month. Officer Chris Fitzgerald is the first Temple University police officer killed in the line of duty as the university and city are seeing crime increase.

Austin City Council’s Decision Shows No Regard for Future Safety of Citizens and Police Officers

I will never understand why local city governments don’t want to take better care of their police.Maybe they don’t think they’re worth the budget.

Violence Broke out Against a New Police Training Center in Atlanta

Violence flared up once again at the new police training center that is being built in Atlanta.The $90 million police training project was meant to improve their morale and increase recruitment in the wake

Justice Has Failed the Victims of Michigan State – And It Cannot Fail Again

Sometimes things within the criminal justice system just don’t make sense. The way that the Federal Bureau

Keeping Repeat Offenders Behind Bars Easier Said Than Done

It's true what they say. Some people just never learn. You could send criminals to jail for years, but the minute they get out, they run the risk of falling back into old habits and committing another crime.

Letts: Lori Lightfoot's Exit Can't Come Soon Enough - Chicago Can Finally Move Forward

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” That’s my final statement to Lori Lightfoot, who served as Chicago mayor for the past few years and practically ran the city into the ground

Letts: The DC Council Wouldn't Protect Citizens, So Congress Did

Isn’t it funny how Democrats who don’t want criminals prosecuted and citizens protected when bad things are happening in other cities do a 180 and start sounding like Republicans when their own safety might be in jeopardy?

Pennsylvania's new governor blows it on the death penalty

Democrat Pennsylvania governor Josh Shapiro has said he will not sign any execution warrants while he is governor. He even called for the Pennsylvania Legislature to abolish the death penalty.

A justified police shooting in Memphis

The Memphis Police can't catch a break. It's been about six weeks since five former Memphis Police officers killed Tyre Nichols and about three weeks since riots broke out when video footage of Nichols being killed was released.

ATF Keeping Track of Guns Purchased By Law-Abiding Americans

Just how low can a government agency go? For months now, I’ve been reading a number of reports on the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And not the good kind.
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