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“Bless the Vest” is a non-denominational campaign, available at our nonprofit organization in Columbia, to provide physical and spiritual protection to law enforcement officers throughout the country.

The program centers around the first Sabbath day of National Police Recognition week, however, due to the needs of vests year-round, ceremonies take place as funding is arranged.

The congregation will adopt a local officer and provide them with a body armor vest. A $700 target for each participating congregation will be the trigger point for a new vest presentation.

At the presentation, the congregation will also bless the officer, their service, and their protection while serving the community.

Our Columbian nonprofit organization makes sure to engage our youth with First Responders (Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMS) is crucial to ensuring their future and ours. Positive interaction with First Responders and the future leaders of our communities sets the stage for continuing and improving the safety of our communities.

“Pennies for Police” allows young people of all ages to take pride and ownership in their school resource officer by engaging their schools, youth organizations, etc. to bring their “Pennies” ( coin change they are given around the house) For Police” to provide and present a Bullet Proof Vest for the officer charged with protecting them.

The impact on the youth in promoting them having “ownership” by helping to “protect those who protect us”, provides an atmosphere of interaction that has a direct impact on crime, outlook, and overall well-being and safety.

The impact on the officer…….PRICELESS!

First responders (police officers, EMTs, and firefighters) face life-changing dangers every time they suit up and take a call. Sometimes the danger comes from the very people they are there to help. These brave men and women are trained to save the lives of others, but what happens when they need to be saved?

“Vest-a-Cop” is our national program centered around adopting a first responder in your area to ensure their safety. Schools, businesses, and organizations can choose their local safety officer or another first responder to raise funds in a crowdfunding campaign to equip that person with their very own active shooter vest.

The nonprofit’s general donations fund goes to funding vest requests from across the country, but with our Vest-a-Cop program, you can raise funds specifically for your local community.

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