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Trump Co-Defendant Harrison Floyd Being Denied Bond Is a Travesty of Justice, According To Law Enforcement Veteran Michael Letts

The founder and President of InVest USA believes that the anti-Trump feelings of two Georgia judges are preventing the defendant from returning to his family.

Late last week, former President Donald Trump, alongside 18 co-defendants surrendered in Georgia to charges surrounding an election interference case. While most of them were able to post bond and return to their families, one defendant – Harrison Floyd – was not.

The Black Voices for Trump leader is currently being held at the Fulton County Jail, and has been denied bond by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Emily Richardson. She believes that, despite the fact that Floyd had turned himself in willingly on charges, he posed a “flight risk” and could “commit additional criminal felonies” if released.

Floyd’s charges including violating Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, as well as influencing a witness and conspiracy to commit solicitation of false statements. That said, neither Richardson – nor fellow Georgia Judge Scott McAfee – provided any additional reasoning for Floyd’s bond denial.

Is this a problem with Georgia’s legal system, or perhaps something that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp needs to address? Joining us now to discuss this further is Michael Letts, a law enforcement veteran with over 30 years of experience under his belt. Letts is President, founder and CEO of InVest USA, an organization that provides bulletproof vests to police officers through various sponsorships and charitable groups. His expertise in the legal system will prove most useful in this matter.


  1. Why is it so concerning that Floyd was denied bond like the other co-defendants in the Georgia trial?
  2. Do you believe the judges had fair basis when it came to denying Floyd bond and considering him a “flight risk”?
  3. Considering the judges have an anti-Trump stance, do you believe they were acting on their own feelings instead of delivering justice as assigned?
  4. What do you think Georgia Governor Brian Kemp needs to do on this matter? If he fails to act, should he be punished as well?
  5. Where do you see this trial going for Trump and his co-defendants over the next few months as trial dates are set?
  6. You’re the creator of InVest USA, an organization that provides bulletproof vests to police officers through various charitable groups and sponsorships. Tell us more about that, and why support for fellow officers is so important right now.
  7. Tell us more about RestoringJustice.US, the new website where you help out citizens in need surrounding law matters.
  8. Where can we learn more about InVest USA, Restoring Justice and whatever else you’re working on?
    1. You can visit our official InVest USA website, and learn more on the official Invest USA Twitter account. You can also learn about our new initiative at RestoringJustice.US.

About Michael Letts:

Michael Letts is the Founder, President, and CEO of InVest USA, a national grassroots non-profit organization that is helping hundreds of communities provide thousands of bulletproof vests for their police forces through educational, public relations, sponsorship, and fundraising programs. He also has over 30 years of law enforcement experience under his belt, hence his pro-police stance for his brothers and sisters in blue. Those interested in learning more about Letts can visit his official website here.

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