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This Influencer Just Endangered the Lives of Innocent People and Police Officers With His Public Plans For a Giveaway

Law enforcement veteran Michael Letts discusses the chaotic actions of Kai Cenat, and what others can take away from it.

As if New York isn’t going through enough trouble with a lower police force and rising crime, Kai Cenat just made things worse.

The popular streamer and influencer announced a giveaway of PlayStation 5 game systems and game cards in Union Square this past Friday. As a result, thousands mobbed the area, crowding Cenat and taking part in such actions as fistfights, damaging cars and throwing bottles.

As a result, thousands of NYPD police officers were dispatched onto the scene. It was eventually cleared, and Cenat was arrested with others. He’s set to be charged with “inciting a riot,” along with other infractions. He’s currently out on bail, but will answer to his charges soon.

Mayor Eric Adams is looking into the matter, believing “outside agitators” may have been involved as well. “We are further looking into were there even some outside agitators. You don’t come to get free Game Boys and bring smoke bombs and bring M80s and bring other disruptive items,” he said.

Adams also noted just how destructive social media can be, especially to kids. “Our children cannot be raised by social media. Our children cannot get their values, their beliefs from social media and other outside entities. And it’s about being aware that the things that my mother needed to raise me is different from the things that parents need today. Our children are being inundated by influencers, by those who consider themselves to be credible messengers.”

What can we take away from this situation? Joining us now to discuss it further is Michael Letts, a law enforcement veteran with over 30 years of experience under his belt. Letts is Founder, President and CEO of InVest USA, an organization that provides bulletproof vests to police officers through various charitable groups and sponsorships. His expertise will certainly be useful in this matter.


  1. What do you think prompted Cenat to engage in such a chaotic giveaway such as this one? Was he that desperate for attention? Did he simply not want to just do a giveaway online?
  2. How dangerous was a situation like this to innocent bystanders and police officers? Could someone have been killed over this incident?
  3. What kind of charges do you believe Cenat should face? Should his online presence be removed as a result, considering the damage caused?
  4. What can others take away from this lesson? That there’s a better way to do a giveaway?
  5. Do you believe Adams’ statement about children and social media is correct? Do you think parents need to take better responsibility in keeping an eye on what they watch?
  6. Is there anything you’d like to say to the police officers who were able to disperse the scene?
  7. You’re the creator of InVest USA, an organization that provides bulletproof vests to police officers through various charitable groups and sponsorships. Tell us more about that, and why support for fellow officers is so important right now.
  8. Tell us more about RestoringJustice.US, the new website where you help out citizens in need surrounding law matters.
  9. Where can we learn more about InVest USA, Restoring Justice and whatever else you’re working on?

You can visit our official InVest USA website, and learn more on the official Invest USA Twitter account. You can also learn about our new initiative at RestoringJustice.US.

About Michael Letts:

Michael Letts is the Founder, President, and CEO of InVest USA, a national grassroots non-profit organization that is helping hundreds of communities provide thousands of bulletproof vests for their police forces through educational, public relations, sponsorship, and fundraising programs. He also has over 30 years of law enforcement experience under his belt, hence his pro-police stance for his brothers and sisters in blue. Those interested in learning more about Letts can visit his official website here.

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