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Haiti Refugees Could Soon Flood Florida Coast

The law enforcement veteran and InVest USA founder discusses the potential threat that could surface in Florida.

Thousands of Haitian migrants may soon take to the Atlantic/Gulf and traverse 800 miles of dangerous ocean waters for the safety of Florida. The unchecked violence in that country has citizens fleeing for their lives. And authorities believe they will soon risk the treacherous trip that takes them past the much closer island of Cuba.

Seeing how poorly the Biden administration has handled the crisis on our Mexican border and botched any sort of vetting process when immigrants pass into to the United States from Mexico, Florida and the rest of the United States has good reason for concern. It’s likely Americans could see the violent criminals of Haiti joining the citizens, viewing this as an opportune time to enter our country.

The Biden administration is already throwing up their hands, citing “limited funds” to do anything about it, another clear signal to Haitians – the good and the bad – that now is the time. Many Democrats are saying the United States must welcome all Haitians.

If they do come, Ron DeSantis says he will consider flying them to Martha’s Vineyard, so the left-wing politicians who vacation there can enjoy the migrants they have allowed to come, unchecked.

Joining us now to discuss this further is Michael Letts, a law enforcement veteran with over 30 years of experience under his belt. Letts is President, Founder and CEO of InVest USA, an organization that provides bulletproof vests to police officers through various charitable groups and sponsorships. His expertise in all things law and order make him an ideal subject for this interview.

Welcome, Mr. Letts.


  1. What is happening in Haiti that has many looking for solace in America?
  2. Do we have reason to suspect gang members will join those fleeing?
  3. Why do authorities believe the Haitians will head to Florida?
  4. Do the Haitians believe America will welcome them?
  5. Is the Biden administration already signaling they will permit this to happen?
  6. How is the state of Florida preparing for this?
  7. Is there anything the federal government can/should do?
  8. In trying to handle this on his own, might Governor DeSantis run into the same kind of resistance from the Biden Administration as Texas in trying stop the influx of refugees?
  9. You’re the creator of InVest USA, an organization that provides bulletproof vests to police officers across a number of programs. Tell us more about it.

10.     Where can we learn more about InVest USA, and how those interested can help their fellow officers, especially in their time of need?

  1. You can visit our official InVest USA website, and learn more on the official Invest USA Twitter account. You can also learn about my new initiative at RestoringJustice.US, where we discuss lawful issues surrounding citizens of the United States.

About Michael Letts…

Michael Letts is the Founder, President, and CEO of InVest USA, a national grassroots non-profit organization that is helping hundreds of communities provide thousands of bulletproof vests for their police forces through educational, public relations, sponsorship, and fundraising programs. He also has over 30 years of law enforcement experience under his belt, hence his pro-police stance for his brothers and sisters in blue. Officer Letts has been a frequent guest on Fox Business News, NewsMax TV, One America News and hundreds of radio programs. Those interested in learning more about Letts can visit his official website here.

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