Schools Are Fighting Back Against DEI, and For Good Reason
The law enforcement veteran discusses the recent decision by UNC to cut DEI funding and instead turn it over to campus police. Read More.
This Judge Is Using Racial Bias and “Wokeness” In His Decision Making – And It’s a Bad Look
The law enforcement veteran discusses why Washington, D.C. Judge Lloyd U. Nolan should be the subject of an investigation. Read More.
The Terrifying Ambush of a Young Police Officer
The law enforcement death discusses the devastating loss of 23-year old Jacob Derbin, who was ambushed by a gunman in Ohio. Read More.
Could China Potentially Unleash a Crippling Cyberattack On the United States?
The law enforcement veteran discusses how the country could be placed in peril – and wonders why the government isn’t doing more about it. Read More.
A Questionable Document Passed Out During a Recent College Campus Protest Leaves Cause For Concern
The law enforcement veteran discusses the controversial booklet, which suggests how to “escalate” actions during protests. Read More.
Why Is President Biden So Silent About the Violent School Protests Across the United States?
The law enforcement veteran is concerned as to why Biden hasn’t really made any sort of statement surrounding the pro-Palestinian protests. Read More.
Police Retake Columbia Building, Crack Down on Several Other Campuses
Americans awoke to a slightly better country as police moved in on several campuses where antisemites have taken over, including Columbia University. At Columbia, NYPD officers stormed Hamilton Hall, the building taken over by anti-Israel protestors, and removed and arrested those who had barricaded themselves inside.  Read More.
Biden Seeks to Reclassify Marijuana
The Biden Administration plans to ease federal restrictions on marijuana – reclassifying it so it is no longer considered alongside heroin and LSD. Read More.
8 Cops shot, 4 killed in North Carolina​
Donating Bulletproof Vests to Police so this never happens again! Read More.
InVest USA Lending Support To Allendale, South Carolina Following Shootings​
The law enforcement veteran discusses the random shootings, which also resulted in the injury of a police officer. Read More.

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