Schools Are Fighting Back Against DEI, and For Good Reason

The law enforcement veteran discusses the recent decision by UNC to cut DEI funding and instead turn it over to campus police.

Many Republicans believe that diversity, equity and inclusion – DEI for short – is playing a major part in these pro-Palestinian protests at college campuses across the country. And school officials have apparently had enough.

Last week, the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill elected to cut its funding for DEI programs, instead turning the funds over to campus police. This comes after a dangerous protest took place on the campus, leading to property destruction and several arrests.

The $2.3 million dollars will help bolster campus police in an effort to keep the campus safe and secure. What’s more, other college campuses appear to be following suit, believing DEI to be a dangerous factor.

Budget committee vice-chair Marty Kolis noted that improving law enforcement will help counter the dangerous protests. “It’s important to consider the needs of all 30,000 students, not just the 100 or so that may want to disrupt the university’s operations.”

Joining us now to discuss this further is Michael Letts, a law enforcement veteran with over 30 years of experience under his belt. Letts is President, Founder and CEO of InVest USA, an organization that provides bulletproof vests to police officers through various charitable groups and sponsorships. His expertise in all things law and order make him a great guest on this topic. Welcome, Michael.


  1. How harmful do you believe DEI is in the United States as a whole?
  2. What do you think about the decision by UNC to cut DEI funding in favor of bolstering campus police? Will that really resolve the safety issue on campus?
  3. Could other schools potentially follow suit on this as well, in an effort to tone down the dangerous protests?
  4. We’ve seen businesses back down from DEI funding after seeing somewhat disastrous results in trying to push messaging. Could “bringing it back to basics” actually be a good thing in this regard?
  5. What about those that argue that DEI actually has a place in this country? What would your counter-argument be?
  6. You’re the creator of InVest USA, an organization that provides bulletproof vests to police officers through various charitable groups and sponsorships. Tell us more about that, and why support for fellow officers is so important right now.
  7. Where can we learn more about InVest USA, and how those interested can help their fellow officers.
  8. You can visit our official InVest USA website, and learn more on the official Invest USA Twitter account. You can also learn about my new initiative at RestoringJustice.US, where we discuss lawful issues surrounding citizens of the United States.

About Michael Letts:

Michael Letts is the Founder, President, and CEO of InVest USA, a national grassroots non-profit organization that is helping hundreds of communities provide thousands of bulletproof vests for their police forces through educational, public relations, sponsorship, and fundraising programs. He also has over 30 years of law enforcement experience under his belt, hence his pro-police stance for his brothers and sisters in blue. Those interested in learning more about Letts can visit his official website here.

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