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The In-Vest USA National Vest Need List will allow In-Vest USA to become a national clearinghouse for vests for law enforcement agencies in need of financial assistance in securing vests for their officers.  Notify us through this form of any need your agency has for vests. We will add the information to our national list and strive to fulfill the requests as donations are available.  This list will assist us in fund raising and to show needs to our growing donor base. 

vest showAs you receive new vests, we ask you notify us of any vests you have that have expired or still with useful life left we can share with another agency lacking these basic tools. We will match agency needs in our database and connect the agencies rather than posting all available vests to keep communications with your department to a minimum.  Please be as specific on sizes available so we can accurately match the needs. We will have a hold harmless contract for any donated vests to keep your agency safe.

In-Vest USA also receives requests for vests from our international law enforcement brothers and sisters.  In-Vest USA works through our contacts in the US State Department to supply vests to these agencies.  We have supplied vests to agencies in Eastern Europe, North, South and Central America, Africa and the Middle East. 

Thank you for your service and support.

In-Vest USA Official Policy on Vest Distribution


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