The January 6th Trials Leave Interesting Questions About What Facts Haven’t Been Uncovered Yet.

by Aug 12, 2022President Trump0 comments

Following the first round of the January 6th investigation, there still seems to be some unanswered questions to some.

Some believe that the investigation was more on the political side than with an actual investigation, where police are questioned and all the facts are gotten, not to mention how the “attackers” were able to get in the building in the first place. While there is another round of trials set to take place in September, there’s still no word on when these will be uncovered.

For that matter, there’s also a question about the lack of communication between various agencies, as well as what will happen to the over 700 individuals arrested for trespassing and other activities, and whether they will be given the chance to speak during the investigation.

While some agree that there’s been enough information given, Michael Letts doesn’t feel this is the case. A pro-police advocate with over 30 years of law enforcement under his belt, Letts serves as founder and CEO of InVest USA, an organization that provides bulletproof vests to officers through various charitable groups and sponsorships. He provides his expertise on this matter.


  1. Why do you feel that enough wasn’t done with the actual investigation during the January 6thquestioning?
  2. You believe this investigation by the January 6th committee seems to be driven more by politics than actual investigation tactics. Did you experience in law enforcement lead you in this direction, or was it something else?
  3. Why do you think the committee has trouble coming up with answers pertaining to how some people were able to get into the Capitol that day?
  4. There’s also talk about how there was a lack of communication between the officers on the scene. It almost eerily sounds like what the people at Uvalde went through, without any clear leadership. What’s your take on what happened with this?
  5. What do you expect from the next round of the January 6th hearings? Is there a possibility the investigators could have more answers, or will they keep heading in the same direction they already are?
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