President Joe Biden Has Apparently Changed His Tune Regarding Funding For Police, But Why the Sudden Change?

by Aug 31, 2022Police Department, President Biden0 comments

It wasn’t even a year ago that President Joe Biden’s administration were taking a close look at a bill that would force law enforcement officials to use non-lethal and lifesaving resources, as well as large restrictions on federal grant dollars. However, now he looks to be all in with police forces, especially in the face of the FBI being questioned over their raid of Mar-a-Lago weeks ago.

Biden began a three-stop trip over the next week as part of a new initiative to provide support to police officers, going with “fund the police” in favor of the previous “defund the police” message. “When it comes to public safety in this nation, the answer is not defund the police,” he told a crowd in Pennsylvania. He noted the importance of their presence, especially when it came to public safety.

It’s an interesting change of tune over the past few months, possibly with some pressure from his own administration, as well as several people in Congress. He never really explained the changes behind his reasoning, but he could be coupling a police funding program with his recent push for a federal ban on assault rifles.

Here to speak on Biden’s “flip-flop” is Michael Letts, who serves as founder, president and CEO of InVest USA. They are an organization that provides bulletproof vests to officers across the country, through various charitable organizations and sponsorships. His 30+ years of law enforcement experience should provide helpful with this topic.


  1. What do you think the reasoning behind President Biden’s “change of tune” is? Do you think he might have been pressured by people within his own administration?
  2. Could this possibly be a move to help drum up support for the FBI following its raid on the Mar-a-Lago estate a few weeks ago? So that he didn’t contradict his own message?
  3. Is it possible that Biden changed his mind on funding the police to help certain people get re-elected into Congress later this year? Or is there a different agenda in mind?
  4. Despite Biden trying to push for $10 billion in police funding through Congress, it appears to be stalling with the lack of a clear vote. Do you believe police officers will ever see the support they really need? Is there more that Biden can be doing to help them?
  5. We’re seeing police officers in need now more than ever, with some working beyond their limits and even forcing themselves to retire without pension. What sort of plan would you put in place for them if you were in charge of it? Do you think Biden would approve of it?
  6. Where can others learn more about InVest USA, as well as how they can contribute to help fellow police officers?

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