Karen Letts

Karen Letts | In-Vest USA

Karen Letts
Chief Operating Officer

Karen Letts is the Chief Operating Officer of In-Vest USA.

After achieving her degree in business, Karen has led a distinguished career as an executive in her 20 plus years for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

As the Chief Operating Officer at In-Vest USA, Karen serves as the senior leader to the Chief Executive Officer/Founder and plays a major role in the daily operation of the company, ensuring that business operations are efficient and effective.

She also ensures that the proper management of resources and the distribution of equipment and support are completed. Through her commitment and senior leadership role, she has helped In-Vest USA and First Responder families improve their communities. This has been accomplished by providing active shooter vests for their law enforcement while increasing awareness for future First Responders through The First Responder Academy and Heroes Venture.

Heroes Venture is a program that provides families of fallen officers and fallen first responders emotional, safe, and confidential space to get the support needed during unexpected tragedies, endeavoring to help through those difficult days while increasing public relations throughout their communities.

In addition to her current leadership role at In-Vest USA, Karen launched iSanders Enterprise at the end of 2017. It is an emerging, woman-owned DOD Contracting business in South Carolina, of which she is CEO. With over 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Karen oversees the firm’s financial and administrative matters. She is directing business development efforts and providing expertise in research and development of Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Technical Management, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence Engineering, and DODAF Architecture. Her emphasis is on providing quality services and support to move America forward by implementing solutions where technology meets the future.

Karen has a passion to help redefine the future and better the lives of America’s families by improving America’s First Responders. Her personal love for children motivates her to pursue the need to educate America’s children, ensuring that this generation becomes the next first responders, of which we have a desperate shortage of today.

Karen’s extensive experience in business, along with her high professionalism, organizational skills, and passion to help others, helps exemplify In-Vest USA’s principles daily. In addition to Karen’s commitment to In-Vest USA, she is actively involved in community service and enjoys making a better home for her family, and her husband and partner, Michael Letts.