Does the Joe Biden Situation Call For a Military Tribunal?

by Jan 24, 2023President Biden0 comments

It’s been days since documents were discovered in  President Joe Biden home, but the debate continues as to how they got there – and, more importantly, who’s taking action in terms of an investigation.

Republicans have already formed a special counsel with Attorney General Merrick Garland, along with the FBI, Oversight Committee and Department of Justice. But will real justice be served?

Michael Letts doesn’t believe so, noting that a “fair, unbiased, equal standard investigation” into the matter couldn’t take place with the current government agencies at hand. The answer, he believes, is a military tribunal.

Letts is quick to note that while military court martials do call for military members exclusively, a military tribunal does not, and csninvolve civilian parties – which could also include the President who as Commander in Chief is a member of the military


  1. Personally, what do you think the documents were doing at Biden’s home? Do you believe he simply “forgot” about them, or was it a matter of national security that he seemed to overlook?
  2. You noted that there’s a distinct possibility that Hunter Biden, who has seen his fair share of controversy, had access to these documents. How concerning would you say this is?
  3. What is it about the FBI and the Department of Justice that you don’t have faith in at the moment? The treatment of police officers? The failure to take a closer look at what happened on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort last year? Perhaps a combination of these? Or something else?
  4. You’ve noted in the past that the FBI needs further looking into, and Republicans seem to agree with that statement. Why do you think they’ve had issues over the past few years? Poor leadership, or something else?
  5. You’ve suggested a military tribunal when it comes to investigating the recent actions of President Biden. How would someone go about starting one, and what steps need to be taken to assure it’s fair to all parties involved?
  6. Do you see the situation surrounding these documents getting potentially worse as the months go on? Especially if government agencies lean towards Biden’s way of thinking?
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  2. We understand that InVest USA is also actively involved with Twitter. Where can interested parties learn more?

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