Chip Dupre

Chip Dupre | In-Vest USA

Chip Dupre
Chief Information Officer

Chip joined the management team of In-Vest USA in 2020 and was appointed as Chief Information Officer in 2021. Chip is also the founding administrator of The First Responder Academy, opening as a public charter school in Columbia, SC, in the fall of 2022. Here, talented and committed students from the state will be educated and trained to take life-saving jobs in the community as police officers, EMTs, and firefighters.

Prior to joining In-Vest USA, Chip was the founding and managing director of two successful private companies in the business consulting and landscaping fields. A B.A. graduate in English from Assumption University, Chip has amassed decades of experience in business development, marketing, and public relations.

At In-Vest USA, Chip serves as senior advisor to the Chief Executive Officer (Michael Letts) and manages and controls all business, data, and analytical information to ensure systems companywide continue to improve and develop. As the point-person for all media and technology inquiries, Chip’s highly analytical, professional, and organizational skills serve as the foundation for In-Vest USA’s communication platform.

In addition to his business responsibilities as CIO and his role as senior advisor to the launch of The First Responder Academy, Chip will also work as a senior consultant on “Heroes Venture,” one of In-Vest USA’s signature programs that will provide families of fallen officers emotional respite after unanticipated tragedies.

Chip has been a resident of South Carolina for two decades, committing his time and talent to the communities of the Midlands. An avid baseball and hockey enthusiast, Chip and his wife and three daughters also share a family affinity for Disney World and the pristine beaches of the Palmetto State.